Namaste & Welcome to!

I am Ramnath Asish Banerjee and this is a small experimental project to enable every individual Ramnath’s to have a web presence point. is the web presence point for anyone who has the word Ramnath anywhere in their name and who happens to be from India. This will enable them to be easily found in the ever expanding web and be contacted if required.

Idea Behind This Project

Actually I acquired this domain with the intention of creating a web site about myself.  While launching the site I asked a few questions to myself:

  • What is so special about myself that it will take a website to tell the world?
  • How will other’s get benefited from this site?
  • I know there are many Ramnaths like myself who might need a presence point like this. Can be of any benefit to them too?

Then only an idea struck – why not create a common web presence point of all the ‘Ramnaths’?

That’s the answer I was actually looking for. So if your name has the word Ramnath, you may create your own web presence point here! To get listed, click here.

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